Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part?

All musicians studying or working in Britain are invited to take part in this project. There are four groups of musicians that are of particular interest: (1) musicians in their first year of undergraduate studies, (2) musicians concluding their degrees or in postgraduate studies, (3) musicians in their early careers and (4) musicians who are established in the profession.

What will happen in a Fit to Perform session?

This session is expected to take approximately 90 minutes and will involve:

  • completing a collection of questionnaires addressing your musical practice and performance and your physical and psychological wellbeing;
  • performing a 30-minute physical assessment;
  • receiving personalised feedback.

Do I need to do anything special before the session?

A Fit to Perform session involves both answering questionnaires and performing a physical assessment. In preparation for the physical assessment, you are advised to:

  • Wear exercise clothing and remove your shoes for part of the test;
  • Not eat heavy meals, nor drink caffeinated or alcohol beverages for at least two hours before testing;
  • Not smoke for two hours before testing;
  • Not exercise on the day of testing.

Failing to comply will not restrict your participation but may have an impact on your results.

Who will carry out the session?

The session will be conducted by a team of trained personnel who will carefully monitor your wellbeing throughout the assessment and provide you with help and support as neccesary.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?

Immediate feedback will be provided at the end of the assessment, providing you with knowledge of your physical fitness as well as acknowledging any areas of improvement. You will be given a list of available resources for health and wellbeing enhancement. Your participation is also a valuable contribution to this large scale study that will provide further insights into musicians’ health and wellbeing, and new avenues for health promotion in education and the profession.

Will my taking part in this project be kept confidential?

All data (including pictures) will be coded to ensure anonymity. Data will be used for research purposes only and any information from the project that is disseminated will have names removed so that individual participants cannot be identified.


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