Musician awareness

An investigation into musicians’ awareness of the potential impact of the mental and physical demands of music training and performance

It is now generally acknowledged that the physical and mental demands of high level music making can be as great as those associated with the related disciplines of dance and sport. Traditionally, however, musicians have been found to be either unaware of the potentially devastating effects of mental or physical injury, or reluctant to disclose problems that might impact on their ability to work. In the light of this, this project will investigate, firstly, to what extent music performers understand the significance to them of playing-related injury and, secondly, to what extent they understand the likely root causes related to the demands (often extreme) they place upon themselves and also to the environment within which they work.

Highlighting this aspect of performance research could have the benefit of bringing a positive influence to the future development of training methods, treatment of problems and to performers’ reflective practice in the management of their own performing environment. Participants will be interviewed one to one using a semi-structured interview guide and each interview will last between 45minutes and an hour.

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