Healthy Conservatoires Network

The Healthy Conservatoires Network brings together key stakeholders from across UK Conservatoires and wider performing arts sector to assist in maintaining, developing and supporting aspects of health promotion and occupational wellbeing for performing artists.

The network builds upon the Healthy Universities project (see, a highly regarded example of the World Health Organisation’s settings-based approach to health promotion. This approach adopts a whole system perspective and aims to ensure that the places in which people learn, live, work and play facilitate good health and wellbeing. Building upon the success of other settings-based initiatives, such as Healthy Hospitals, Healthy Prisons, Healthy Schools and Healthy Further Education, it has been argued that higher education institutions are important contexts in which to promote public health.

In adapting this framework for the UK conservatoire sector, we bring together best practice from the wider fields of health promotion and higher education student support, tailoring it for the particular constraints of learning, teaching and working in the performing arts. Thereby, we aspire to enable a wide range of holistic, strategic and specific health and wellbeing initiatives to be developed across the entire UK conservatoire sector.

Similar to the Healthy Universities Network, the Healthy Conservatoires Network provides a space for key stakeholders to come together to:  

  • exchange information, research, practice and experience
  • develop and promote models of good practice
  • advocate and advise on healthy approaches
  • encourage collaborative development and research 

The Healthy Conservatoires Network therefore aims to create environments that promote and enhance the health and wellbeing of performing artists, enabling them to achieve their full potential and to build healthy, sustainable careers.

More information about the Healthy Conservatoires Network will be posted here soon. In the meantime, for further information contact


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